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"Be Thou My Vision"
Having God's Eyes for Homeschooling Teens

Homeschooling can seem daunting without God’s perspective, especially when looking at the teen years. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, fearful or inadequate it IS possible to walk with courage, confidence and strength. Raging hormones (either in student or mother) can be a breeding ground for conflict. It doesn’t have to be. What are some of the things you need to know to homeschool through these years with success? Come hear how Dawna shares God’s perspective and wisdom to help override the challenges and obstacles that are sure to come.



Homeschooling for the Long Haul:
Tips and Tools for the Journey

Success in homeschooling doesn’t just happen. Goals and dreams can only be attained through hard work and a willingness to never quit. But, how do you keep going? What are some keys to conquering discouragement or the sense of being overwhelmed? How can you find joy on the journey when it is no where to be found? In this workshop, Dawna will share some of the keys God gave her for attitudinal victory amidst the daily sacrifices required on her homeschooling journey. With them, she was able to rise above the challenges to find fulfillment, peace and rest.




Trusting vs. Controlling: The tension between the two and how to find balance. It is a faith journey. God uses broken vessels, with shattered pasts. How can you be confident in your role as an educator, regardless of what you bring to the table.



The Journey Is the Destination:
The Reason We Homeschool

It’s natural to stress out about “doing it right.” We’re talking about our kid’s lives, right? However, there is much more on the line than we think. We cannot sacrifice the character and heart of our children—nor our relationship with them—for the sake of mere academics. If we want to have strong healthy families that raise strong healthy families, we need to shift our thinking to something more important than graduation.



Be a Student of your Student

When we set out to teach our children, we search the best way we can to pass information to them. What if we could lead our students into a learning experience that will engage them deeply and encourage more natural learning? In Be a Student of Your Student we will look at the various learning styles and teaching styles and how you can navigate these dynamics to engage your children in the richest learning experience possible.



Different Seasons: Life after Graduation

Mom and Dad, what happens when your child (or children) graduates? Many parents can be left with an empty nest and empty hearts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even when your kids are off on their own adventure your life can be full of purpose and meaning. And to new families, just starting this grand journey, finding one of these couples is like finding a vast and hidden treasure.



Head of the Class: Dad’s Role in the Homeschool Adventure

What does it mean to be an overseer of your home, and how does that relate to the homeschool journey? Realistically, Dad's role in the homeschool journey will vary from household to household depending on the strengths, weaknesses, approach, and interests of each family, but there are some things, biblically, that are absolutes. Okay Dad, are you ready to lead your family?



Understanding Learning Differences, Difficulties and Disabilities: Session I – The Facts

In this workshop, we will discuss learning differences and difficulties which are NOT disabilities, as well as learn what true Learning Disabilities are and how they impact learning. The more severe learning problems such as slow learning, mental retardation and autism will be defined and discussed. Diagnosis and teaching strategies will be touched on – but will be expanded upon in the two subsequent workshops.



Understanding Learning Differences, Difficulties and Disabilities: Session II – The Processes and Interferences

In Session II we will explore the specific processing difficulties experienced by children with learning and severe disabilities and see how each type of processing problem interferes with learning. I will explain how to understand testing results such as the WISC-R and how to create a visual profile of your learner using the test results you may have. Feel free to bring your testing so we can practice “mapping” and understanding your child’s struggles more effectively!


Teaching Struggling Learners: Session III

This workshop will discuss the key aspects of teaching children with learning problems. The differences between remedial and compensation approaches will be discussed as well as how to choose and/or modify curriculum to meet the needs of a struggling learner. There will be many opportunities to ask questions about your specific concerns.



Contending with Discontent

Struggling to find contentment in a life with all the plates spinning? There is an answer, a key to contentment, and Kendra Fletcher will give you hope to find your contentment at the cross.



Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids With Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet

How do I successfully educate the older children in my home while keeping the toddler out of trouble? Join Kendra Fletcher as she shares from her experience homeschooling 8 children for the past 18 years. If you need a boost of encouragement and some fresh ideas for gaining peace in your homeschool this coming school year, then join Kendra as she shares from her home where six of their children reside (and 3 have graduated - woot!)



Finding Time to Develop Your Own Spiritual Life

God knows what tugs at you in this busy homeschooling season, and He promises to meet you where you are. Time is at a premium for a homeschooling mom, and often the time we want to spend with the Lord is less than we had hoped for. If you feel you need new tools for carving out time in the Word and prayer in the midst of homeschooling, join Kendra Fletcher for a workshop that will encourage and inspire you.



Beginning Homeschoolers: Why? How? Help!!!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, and even anxious? This workshop will help put the joy back in your journey, breaking down the steps and reminding you why you are embarking on this life changing (and sometimes overwhelming) adventure. Kim, a seasoned homeschool mom, will give you practical steps for getting started. She’ll address common issues and simplify what often trips up new homeschoolers and make your ride a little smoother. (1 of 2 part series)



Beginning Homeschoolers: The NittyGritty on Getting Started

What are the legal requirements to homeschool in our state? How do I withdraw my child from their current school? Now that I’m homeschooling, what subjects are required? Do I have to join all these organizations or be part of an official school? What records must I keep, should I keep? These are the “nittygritty”details (and more) that Kim will cover in this workshop. (2 of 2 part series)



MultiLevel Teaching Strategies:

Are your children tiered in ages? Do you have a large gap between children? Do you have multiples? Are you struggling to know how to teach multilevels? Not knowing how you’ll find the time to devote to each child? Come hear strategies from a mother of 5 (4 graduated), who’s been in your shoes.



Homeschool Alumni: our perspective

Join home educated siblings now in their 20s as they share the blessings and benefits of their homeschool journey.



Conflict: it's real and what to do about it

Veteran homeschool parents Noel and Carol Bisceglia share what they've learned about conflict resolution and peacemaking within the family.



The 10 Most Effective Teaching Techniques

Veteran homeschool parents Noel and Carol Bisceglia share what they've learned about conflict resolution and peacemaking within the family.