Position Statement on Home Education

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TCHEN strongly encourages parents to diligently seek the Lord and search the Bible regarding the education of their children. TCHEN stands firm in its conviction that parents have the Biblical authority and responsibility to direct and control that education.

Although many forms of home education have emerged, TCHEN advocates the Biblical model where parents exercise direct control and authority over their children's education.

Although many educational choices exist, TCHEN recognizes that the statistical evidence shows the most effective option is where the child's curriculum is chosen and taught by the parents.

Although certain aspects of a child's education can be delegated, TCHEN affirms that character training is best accomplished directly by the parents. We caution parents who use curriculum and/or instruction that is out of their direct control or supervision, that is funded directly or indirectly by any public/governmental source, and/or centered on any world view other than Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Therefore, TCHEN’S central focus is to encourage all home educators to choose the most effective educational option where the child's curriculum and instruction are chosen, taught, and funded by the parents, and to defend the inalienable rights of the private, independent home educator.